Snyder street repairs underway with final vote taken at Monday’s regular city council meeting

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Street Work Begins! Circle S Paving began street work on Tuesday. They were expected to work on 8th Street and 9th Street. Pictures were taken at 8th and H. The work is expected to take about a week. The city requests that residents on streets with repaired roads put their poly-carts on the road to prevent the trash truck from having to drive on the edge of the road in an effort to extend the life of the roads. Roads to be repaired are 10th St, from Highway 183 East to K St; 9th St, from Hwy 183 West to D St; 8th St, from the alley West of F St to H St; A St., from 8th St to 10th St; and D St, from 6th St to 13th St.